Shockwave 55 vs blackjack 55

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shockwave 55 vs blackjack 55

Navigate Blogs Classifieds Places Xhockwave. Go to Page Remember Me Forgot Password? Aug 17,PM. Thread OP. I am considering buying a Blackjack 55 from Pro Boat. Does anyone have any thoughts on this boat.
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  • Aug 16,AM. CG Bob.

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    Bud, and the ability to kick up a rooster tail and go fast and turn in all directions with little worry of capsizing. I use a wheelchair, so rescue missions to save a capsized boat is not an option.

    Thanks guys. Aug 16,PM. I have a device to retrieve boats taht works extreamly well. It is just a raquet ball attached to a fishing pole.

    I used it on my tunnel hull, which I am trying to sell. But just a simple tennis ball firmly attached to the end of a fishing poll works great.

    I have found that people have alot of fun with airboats. You might want to look into that, because I know of at least 2 that are very popular.

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    Aug 17,PM. Look at the Warehouse Hobbies boats, www. They are reliable Gas boats and you can get them in various stages of build. They are also upgradable so you don't get too bored.

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    Add some Pool Noodles in the sides for floatation as we always seem to flip boats trying to find their limits. If you can, try not to go boating alone. It's always safer to have someone else there with you no matter who you are. Aug 18,PM. Thanks guys for the helpful information.


    Thanks again. I'd go with the Super Sport. Tony has been in business for a long time, not a fly-by-night outfit. The hull has a much heavier lay-up that can take a good beating. I'm not too impressed with Chris Chianelli and that episode. He tells what not to do with the shockwave and not 3 minutes later they break just about every no-no that he had just talked about.

    Blackjack did get to see the wave-jumping abiliities of the boat.

    View and Download Pro Boat ShockWave 55 owner's manual online. Zenoah G26M Gas-Powered Deep-V Boat ™. ShockWave 55 Toy pdf manual download. Also for: Shockwave 55 super sport. ProBoat Blackjack 55 Owner's Manual Toy ProBoat ShockWave 55 SS Owner's Manual. Zenoah g26m gas-powered deep-v boat (8 pages) Section Blackjack 55 Replacement Parts In the event that you need to purchase replacement parts for your engine or the . Jul 31,  · Out for a run with the boats on Lawrence Pond, Newfoundland Using a Canon 7D with a Canon EF mm f/ L IS USM Lens.

    Aug 20,AM. Thanks again guys, You've saved me from running off with the first "pretty face" I saw. I even got clearence from my wife. I'm going to wait until after we move, and I have a chance to check out the local lakes. Aug 20,PM. Yeah, it's kind of hard sneaking a big boat like that into the house! I've tried but the last boat came in a big box so it was hard to hide. She really didn't complain much but it was my money.

    Her Christmas was better than usual so that shut her up. For less money and a boat that will take a newb's beating, I'd go with a Warehouse Hobbies boat, www. My whole life I have always tried to do what people say can't be done and have most of time done it.

    I do like my BJ55 and have not had any problems like others have. I did have to replace the clutch should have just got rid of it. RC boating is new to me so I wanted to keep the clutch for a little while. All the negative talk about the BJ55 has blacjack me to make it work.

    Sep 10,PM. I had mine in the water for less than 5 minutes and was just trying to get the bugs worked out steering and throttle etc when I hit a 4 x 4 sign post made out of wood.

    shockwave 55 vs blackjack 55

    I hit it straight on and was barley past an idle, as I stated before I hadn't got the steering right yet. Apparently I found the Achilles heel of this boat.

    shockwave 55 vs blackjack 55

    You can even see blackjsck the two sections come together to make the top and the bottom. It probably would shockwave exploded. Blackjack would suggest buying something different, don't waist your money. Oh one last little surprise, when you go to Horizon Hobby to get a replacement Hull only it costs Sep 11,AM. Hate to say it but if you walked into a 4X4 sign post it would do some damage to you too.

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    Sep 14,PM. Hit the dock with blacjkack BJ55 first weekend out and done only minor damage. Put some dust tape on her and been running it all summer. Return to Racing Boats - Internal Combustion. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait.

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    Aug 17,PM 1. Captphil Thread OP. Sign up now to remove ads between posts. Aug 18,PM 2. Aug 18,PM 3. Massey Drydock Captian. Aug 19,AM 4. Aug 19,AM 5. Aug 20,PM 6. Aug 20,PM 7. Aug 20,PM 8. Aug 21,AM 9. Aug 21,AM Sep 10,PM There are 4 plywood boat stand pieces. The 2 short plywood Reinstall the battery holder into the radio compartment. Secure the radio box cover with the 6 Phillips screws.

    Pro Boat shockwave 55 rtr boat - RC Groups

    If everything appears to be operating correctly, raise the the radio for proper operation and to ensure proper control antenna and start the engine. Page 5 Section Starting the Engine cont. Section Handling Adjustments Choking the Engine Pull-starting the Engine Trim Tabs On smooth water conditions, the trim tabs may be bent up further Close the choke by rotating the small yellow tubing extension. With an assistant holding the boat to the boat stand and or removed to increase top speed performance.

    To 555 your ShockWave 55 Super Sport looking new, you should apply a wax coating as used on Page 7 Lubricate the flex shaft with flex shaft grease see your local hobby shop.

    Reinstall in reverse order. Be sure to reinstall the PRB nylon washers in front and behind the propeller strut.

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