How to get money on sims 3

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how to get money on sims 3

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So then, you can get your Sim a job. However, it can get really boring waiting for your Sim to complete work. So how do you make lots of money without getting a job? This guide will teach you how! This method requires the map Sims for the yow. It comes with the 'late night' expansion.

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Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Author Info Updated: June 21, Learn more Method 1. Go to Build and Buy Mode and buy your Sim an easel.

You can place it anywhere, but I suggest placing it outside so o you can have a bit more room get your Sim's house. Go back to Live Mode, click on the easel, and select the interaction monej appears.

Sims 3 Money Making Tips for Self Employment. Collecting - Collect Bugs, Rocks, Gems and Metals There are several types of items to collect in the Sims 3. This can be a fun way to make money, as you never know what valuable item your Sim is going to find. To get started collecting, look around the town for items lying on the ground. Jul 19,  · In this video I will show you five ways how to make money in the Sims 3 that do not require the use of any skills. The methods in this video do not require or increase your Sims’ experience in. This cheat puts Sims 3 into debug mode, so you can modify most aspects of the game and use additional codes. For example, to give yourself money, enter the following code in the cheat console: familyfunds familyname amount.

You'll have the option to paint a big, medium, or small painting. Paint a big painting as it may sell for more. Sell your painting when it is finished. It will not sell for moneg to begin with, but as your painting skill increases, you will be able to sell your paintings for a lot of money!

Method 2. Go to Build and Buy Mode and buy your Sim a computer.

how to get money on sims 3

If you can, buy an expensive one so that it is less likely to break. Go back to Live Mode, click on the computer, and select the Write interaction. You will likely get to choose which genre you write.

Choose whatever genre you want, but try to select a genre that will open up a new writing genre. For example, if you write a few Trashy genre books, and you are a Hopeless Romantic Sim, then you will get to write the Romance genre.

How to enable testing cheats for Sims 3 on PC and Mac

Publish and sell your book when it is finished. If it is good enough to be published, you may see it on the library or bookstore's bookshelves! Method 3. Go to Build and Buy Mode and purchase a workbench money your Sim. It is a good idea to build a separate room for the workbench as it takes up a lot of space. Return to Live Mode, click on the workbench, and select Dabble or whatever comes up.

Go to your inventory and sell your creation. Your Sim's first creation will only be a toy and it will not egt for more than a few dollars, but as you invent more and more, your inventions will become wackier and sell for more!

However, to power your extravagant inventions, you get need some scrap metal which you can purchase at the workbench, or dig it up with a dog in the Sims Pets to power your invention, or you will need a ghost which you can catch sims the ghost zapper, which you will invent eventually, or you can get a cat to catch them in Sims Pets to power your invention.

Method 4. Click on the icon near the fishing spot and select Fish. If your Sim isn't catching anything, try buying some bait. Sell sims fish you have caught. The bigger and rarer the fish, the more how it will be worth! Method 5. Place it anywhere you'd like, inside or outside. Click on gte guitar, money select Practice Playing.

Once your Sim's skill level for guitar goes up to about level 4 get 5, you will be able to follow the next step. Click on your slms, select Put In Inventory, go to a busy park, go to your inventory, select the guitar, gow select Play For Tips. If you are good enough, you how earn a bit of money from people who are watching you play.

Method 6. Go anywhere outside. Try going just outside your house, in the front and back yard, or go to a park. Look for things like small animals that you can pick up. When you find one, click on it and collect it. Go to your inventory and sell the thing that you just collected. The rarer the thing you collect, the more it will sell for.

The Sims 3 Cheat Codes and Secrets for PC and Mac

Exit your sims and keep looking for collectibles. This method can be hit or miss as it is not really a skill that your Sim gets get at so it's basically your ability for this method, not your Sim's ability. Method 7. Go to Create A Sim and create a Sim with the Mooch trait or money a premade How that is already in the neighborhood and has the Mooch trait to play as.

Build up a high relationship with somebody who is rich. It is best to become at least Best Friends with them. You can also select Mooch Food, but that will only give you food, not money. However, mooching food is a good way to keep costs down since it will get you free food! Keep mooching. Don't xims it too often, sim it only once or twice per visit with the Sim.

Eventually, you will get a lot of money! Method 8. Adopt or purchase a full-grown cat if you don't already have one. You can also make one in Create A Sim Mode. Click on your cat and select the Teach To Hunt interaction. I entered the "family funds" code, but nothing happened. What did I do wrong?

13 Ways to Get Lots of Money in the Sims 3 Without Using Cheats or Getting a Job

Make sure you first enter the cheat code "testingcheatsenabled true" without quotation marks. Then, enter the family funds code: "familyfunds [family get [amount]" Do not include the how marks or brackets. For example, "familyfunds jones zims without quotation marks would add 25, simoleons to the Jones family's funds. Yes No. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 5. Unanswered Questions. Can I only monwy unlimited money on the Sims 3 for the PC?

Answer this question Flag as Flag as Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube.

Tips Replace funds with the amount of money you want Replace household name with your household name Another way is to go to edit town, make other rich sims merge in with you move in with you it will bring their money in with yours, then kick out those sims the money you got, you will still have when you kick them out.

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    Show less The Sims 3 is a really fun game that basically simulates life.

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    Show less If you are playing Sims 3 and find that you need more money, use the following cheat. To create this article, 35 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.

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    Explore this Article Family funds Lots 'a' money! Are you wondering how to get unlimited money on the Sims 3?

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    Activating cheats for The Sims 3 on PC doesn't require you to edit any game files or download third-party software. You just need to know how to access the cheat console.

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