Which of the following slots features serial data transfers

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which of the following slots features serial data transfers

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  • What slots features serial data transfers - Answers
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  • Select 2 answers :. Xata failure during BIOS upgrade can be the cause of irreversible damage to the computer system. After replacing a modular hardware component inside computer case, featurea updated information about specific parameters of the new device can be stored in: Select 2 answers.

    Which of the following statements is true? Coupled with a hardware sensor mounted inside the computer case, this functionality can be used to check if the case was opened and display a notification alert during next boot.

    Chapter 8 - I/O and Expansion Bus Flashcards | Quizlet

    A serial bus transmits data sequentially one bit at a featufes over a single communication channel. In computer architecture, the term "bus" describes a system of communication paths used to connect computer components and transfer data between them. Peripheral Component Interconnect PCI is an example of a parallel expansion bus and a corresponding slot lsots used for attaching hardware devices in the form of an integrated circuit or expansion card to the motherboard inside the computer case.

    Provides much faster data transfer rates in comparison to PCI.

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    Didn't get much market success due to the development and widespread adoption of the PCIe standard. Was intended for higher bandwidth devices, such as servers and high end workstations. For CPUs without integrated memory controller, which part of the chipset manages communication between the CPU and memory? Which of the answers listed tge refers to a source of power for an RTC when the computer is seroal off? What is the name of the most common connector type used for providing power to various hardware components inside the computer case?

    Which of the memory types listed below are designed to store permanent data that cannot be changed? It requires a continuous daha of electricity to preserve its contents; thus, all the data stored in RAM lasts only while the power is on. Select all that apply :.

    What slots features serial data transfers - Answers

    Which of the statements listed below are true? The speed of the system bus in modern PCs is measured in MHz i. The placement of a notch on the RAM module contact surface allows for proper alignment of the module with the memory bank on the motherboard and prevents the installation of incompatible memory types.

    Select all that apply:. Fo,lowing types of RAM take advantage of an additional bit in order to detect whether foplowing data error has occurred. An extra bit is used to store information about the number of bits set to the value of one in a given string of data typically one byte and by examining that information at different stages of processing it is possible to detect whether the data has been corrupted or not.

    What is the name of that fkllowing bit?

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    The color-coded memory slots on the motherboard indicate that the system is capable of taking advantage of the multi-channel memory architecture. Which of the following characteristics apply to the type of RAM most commonly used as the main system memory in desktop PCs? Taking the of the performance benefits offered by the multi-channel memory architecture requires:.

    A type of typically more expensive memory modules equipped with additional circuitry designed to ensure better system stability and accuracy of data processing is known as:. Following type of Printed Circuit Board PCB that can be installed in a motherboard slot in order to extend the system functionality is commonly referred to as an expansion card.

    If a system fails to autoconfigure the newly added adapter card through PnP, finishing the configuration process requires manual installation of device drivers. A type slots daughterboard equipped with expansion slots providing the capability for attaching further expansion cards that are placed parallel with the main board in order to save space inside the system case is known as.

    Which of the following answers list s example s of storage media transfers s that can be read but not written to? Which of the terms listed below refers to computer data storage systems, data features devices, and data storage media data can be written to once but read from multiple times?

    Which of the following answers list s example s of storage media type s that can be serial and written to multiple times? A type of storage device with no moving parts that uses memory chips instead of magnetic platters is commonly which to as a Solid State Drive SSD.

    Chapter Review 7 Motherboards Flashcards | Quizlet

    Which of the terms listed below refers to a proprietary flash memory card format used mainly in older digital cameras? Which of the following answers lists storage media types arranged from lowest to highest capacity?

    which of the following slots features serial data transfers

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    which of the following slots features serial data transfers

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    Flashing the BIOS. BIOS updates are performed in order to: Select which that apply : 1 Repair damaged BIOS, 2 The physical hardware faults found in replaceable components inside the computer's case, 3 Provide support for new types of attached hardware, 4 Fix known programming errors discovered in the current BIOS version. After a normal system shutdown, when the computer is turned off, contents of the memory used to store BIOS settings are:.

    Which of the acronyms listed below refers to a series of basic hardware serial tests performed by the startup BIOS after the computer is powered on? After completing the initial diagnostics and assigning system resources, the startup BIOS program checks for information about secondary storage devices that might contain the OS. The list transffrs devices and the order in which they should be checked can be found and arranged in the CMOS setup utility, and this option is commonly referred to as:.

    Terms in this set Amanda bought a new system that, slots 2 weeks and during a presentation, gave her a Blue Screen of Death. Now her system won't boot at all, not even to CMOS. After transfers troubleshooting, data determined that the motherboard was at fault and replaced it.

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    Now the system traansfers fine. What was the most likely cause of the problem? Select one: a. What should you do before installing an expansion card? Select two Select one or more: a. Attach an anti-static wrist strap b. Install the drivers c. Unplug the PC d. Plug the PC into a grounded outlet. Attach an anti-static wrist strap c. Unplug the PC.

    Online casinos feature a wide variety of payment methods that range from credit cards which of the following slots features serial data transfers to e-wallet solutions. All of the above ranked sites have an excellent variety of safe and fast banking options that will which of the following slots features serial data transfers let you get your money into and cashout of the sites smoothly and /10(). Insurance protects the player's stake in the event that the next card the dealer turns over completes their usvq.vipnuts.ru is a market leader which of the following slots features serial data transfers with c usvq.vipnuts.ru house has a mathematical advantage of between 1. Johnson admitted to The Press of Atlantic City, taking some losses along the way/10(). They are ports on the back of your computer. Serial ports transfers bits one at a time in a single file one bit at a time. Parallel ports transfers data 8 bits are a time across 8 wires.

    Although pretty much gone now, the [] is the smallest ATX motherboard form factor with maximum dimensions of 9 by 7. In a routine check of a system newly built by her latest intern, Sarah discovers that everything works except the hard drive LEDs and power LEDs on the front of the case.

    What could be the problem? The most common bus on today's computers is the flexible The smallest ATX motherboard form factor is the.

    The newest and fastest expansion bus in use today, with speeds up to 16 Gbos, is A device follwoing for a device manufactured by a company that is not participating in the Windows Certification Program is reported as a The motherboard mounts to the case via small connectors called Which of the following are part of the ATX form factor?

    Which of the follwoing form factors dominates the PC market? Which of the follwing slots features serial data transfers? A client brough in an old computer that won't boot. He wants to see if any data can be recovered form the hard drive. When the hwich opened the case, he noted that two expansion cards were plugged into some ind of circuit boards that plugged into the motherboards.

    The expansion cards were parallel with the motherboard, in other words, rather than perpendicular. Into what kind of circuit board did the expansion cards most likely connect?

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